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DENNIS PERRIN Demonstration - $50

Dennis will be conducting a painting demonstration on:

Jan 26th from 10am to 1pm

Workshops for 2020…


JANUARY 23 to 25, 2020 – $450

Dennis Perrin can best be described as a painter of light as it illuminates and describes the subject. In order to fully “capture” the light and the energy of his subjects, Perrin always chooses to paint in front of the subject, not content to settle for photography or video as painting reference. As a result, the Perrin style is a unique blend of brushwork and design know best as Painterly Realism.

More about Dennis Perrin  at the website dennisperrinfineart.com

Thursday thru Saturday: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm       Min. 6, Max 12


DENNIS PERRIN Demonstration - $50

Dennis will be conducting a painting demonstration on:

Jan 26th from 10am to 1pm

VLADISLAV YELISEYEV – Essence Of Scenery And Impressionistic Approach

FEB 20 to 22, 2020 – $495

The workshop will start with lecture and demonstration and follow with one-on-one instructions. You will learn Vladislav Yeliseyev’s 3 stages and 3 colors approach which are the core of his new DVD “Primaries in Watercolor” We will be painting the variety of subjects from seascapes to city scapes, practice our values by using monochromatic painting technique, studying color and creating finished paintings from small postcard size to half sheet. All photo references will be provided. Vladislav will share with you his unique method of mixing watercolors. The goal of this method is to simplify and give the beginners and intermediate level students clarity in understanding color and its implementation. Among others, the rules of composition such as dynamics, movement, focal points etc. will be also addressed in depth.

More about Vladislav Yeliseyer at the website yeliseyevfineart.com

Thursday thru Saturday: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm       Min. 6, Max 12

DAVID SHEVLINO – Painting Alla Prima From Life And Photos

  MARCH 26 to 29, 2020 – $510

In this class we’ll paint alla prima (wet into wet) and explore painting different subjects from photos,     including the portrait. We’ll work from a portrait model on the first day, and then we’ll use photos of other subjects, such as people, children, landscape. We’ll talk about techniques for simplifying the subject and learning to paint with directness and economy. We’ll also talk about the basics of form, value, color and how we use our painting knowledge to interpret photos so that they can become successful paintings.

More about David Shevlino  at the website davidshevlino.com

Thursday thru Sunday: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm       Min. 6, Max 12

BILL FARNSWORTH – Plein Air And Studio

APR 15 to 18, 2020 – $510

Join Bill Farnsworth for a four-day oil painting workshop exploring both plein air and studio practices. Spend time outdoors as Bill demos and shows you how to choose, edit, and capture the essence of a scene in plein air. Back in the studio you will learn how to get the most out of your studies and photographs. Bill’s unique teaching style will give you lots of one-on-one attention while working from the inside out with three main values.

More about Bill Farnsworth at the website billfarnsworth.com

Wednesday thru Saturday: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm       Min. 6, Max 12

MARGARET DYER – The Figure In Pastels And Oils

AUGUST 20 to 22, 2020 – $425

A Workshop with Margaret Dyer PSA-M, IAPS-MC

In Margaret’s workshops students are taught traditional pastel and oil painting techniques. Working with a live model, students will explore drawing, composition, anatomy, proportion, value, color and pastel and/or oil application. Emphasis will be on developing form using light and shadow using Margaret’s easy step-by-step method.
Bring your digital cameras (with small compact flash memory card), iphones or ipads for a short photo session at the end of day one. We will have a small portable printer with wifi capability and the ability to read your camera’s memory cards and will work from our printed photos on day two. Day three, back to the model.
For those who are bewildered by color or are wanting to speed up and become less tight in their work, this is an excellent class to take.

More about Margaret Dyer  at the website margaretdyer.com

Thursday thru Saturday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm       Min. 6, Max 12

T.J. CUNNINGHAM – Plein Air And Studio

SEPTEMBER 3 to 5, 2020 – $425

For a minute, consider the three most common genera of representational art: still life, portraiture, and landscape painting. Of the three, landscape painting is typically regarded as the easiest because it tends to be a more forgiving subject. While this may be true in some instances, the landscape does offer many distinct challenges. During this landscape painting class, TJ Cunningham will focus on the two challenges that he considers the greatest impediment to a successful landscape painting. First, how to create atmosphere and second, how to sculpt the landscape so that the trees seem vertical while the surrounding landscape appears flat.
This entire class will take place in the safety of the studio. Unlike plein air painting, where speed and direct observation are critical, the painting time in this class will address the ideas more thoroughly behind a good landscape painting. TJ will begin each day with a presentation of his working process. The attendees will also receive clear instructions on how to simplify the landscape expressively. Paint quality, value pattern, and abstraction will all be discussed as valuable tools when used in landscape painting.
The three landscape motifs the class will focus on are a vista/distant mountain scene, a tree, and architecture in the landscape. The students may supply their own photographs or choose from the instructor’s images. All proficiency levels are welcome.

More about T.J. Cunningham at the website cunninghamfineart.com

Thursday thru Saturday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm       Min. 6, Max 12

GREG LA ROCK – Studio Landscape Painting From Photos: Choosing and Editing Images for Success

OCT 29 to NOV 1, 2020 – $525

Please join national, award-winning landscape artist Greg LaRock as we explore the landscape through the studio process! Selecting proper images to paint from is critical to the start of a successful painting. Understanding what makes for a good reference photo and how to edit is the key.




In this workshop we will discuss:
• The process of painting the landscape using photo references
• What to look for and what to avoid in your image selection
• Understanding where the camera images fail and how to compensate
• Adjusting you images for better color and cropping
• Building a painting (16×20) in two sessions

My workshops are designed to take you to the next level in ¬painting. They will cover:
• How to organize elements for successful composition
• The importance of shape division, shape balance and focal interests
• The construction of a painting: How to build it from the ground up.
• Achieving depth and atmosphere: What works and what doesn’t.
• Understanding the power of large masses.
• Colors and temperatures and how they relate to your values.

And much more! We will cover the entire painting process from concept to completion. Don’t miss out!

More about Greg La Rock  at the website greglarock.com

Thursday thru Sunday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm       Min. 6, Max 12

ANITA ELDER – Hand Painted Holiday Cards

NOV 14, 2020 – $85

Bring your Christmas spirit and join us for a fun filled day of creating your one of a kind Christmas card. Bring your own medium, oil, watercolor, or acrylic. Instructions will be given to each individual student on there personal card. You may bring your own reference material for your design, or the Art Loft can supply reference material. We will also be covering the process of reproducing (printing) your card for The Christmas Holiday. The Art Loft will be supplying lunch and Christmas snacks for our special day.

Saturday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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