The Art Loft offers classes each Tuesday and Wednesday morning and classes are tailored for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced artist. In a classroom setting artist Anita Elder works with each individual student at their artistic skill level to ensure a creative and relaxed atmosphere for development of artwork.

  • For the beginner Anita covers the basic elements of design including, drawing, composition, and color theory. She provides pointers on equipment selection and palette layout.
  • The intermediate artist will benefit from Anita’s presentation of creative design principles that will cover value study, under painting, application of paint, and brushwork.
  • The advance artist will enjoy Anita’s support, guiding the artist to developing better compositions by creating a strong center of interest, enhancing value relationships, mood, atmosphere, lost and found edges, and capturing light and shadows, all working to create a unique work of art.Art Loft's Weekly Classes

All levels of students will cover transparency vs opacity of paint, warm and cool colors, and their relationship application within the artwork. You will be working at your own pace to encourage self-discovery and confidence. In addition Anita’s weekly classes will get first notice of upcoming workshops from National acclaimed artists which will challenge and elevate any inspiring artist!


Lets discover and share your inner artist! We look forward to your participation and having you joining us!

Tuesday and Wednesday Class hours are 9.30 to 1.30

4 hours each day.

$30.00 a class

Feel welcome to bring a snack.

You are welcome to stop by during class hours to familiarize yourself with our classroom setting.

Stay updated for our workshops, demonstrations and retreats.

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